Support for International Mission

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去年我们支持在非洲尼日利亚(Nigeria)的兩位美囯傳教士 Patrick Evans及 Jeff Shelnutt, 最近忙於慕損 美金三萬六千元來購買一部小型貨車 (Ford F-150 or Ford F-250 or Toyota Tundra) 運回 Nigeria, Africa 來代替現在差不多不可運作的車 (Land Rover)。這部車對他们的事工是非常重要。因為工場藥物及日常用品是全靠這部車運送。你们可以在广告 上看到,道路是非常崎岖難行。須要一部良好及可靠的汽車才可以庅付。直到05/10/15,他们大約收到二萬美元捐款。還須要慕損一萬多元。

Patrick Evans已 定期六月三日返回 Nigeria。在未離開Birmingham,前,他將在05/24/15 在中文堂有十分鐘分享。如大家有感動要支持他们事工,可以將現金或寫支票,抬頭 Dayspring Mission 在05/17/15 或05/24/15 放 進中文堂奉獻盒內。如用支票可享受減稅 (Tax deductible)。在05/24/15我會將全數交給 Patrick。


請大家為這兩位盡心盡力事奉主的兄弟祷告。如有什麼问題,請跟 (David Cheng)联絡 205-746-3002


鄭錦明 (David)

Coming up Events

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1.  李敬福音音乐見証会 (英文)
     April 26, 2015 Sunday 6:30 P.M.
    Montevallo First Bptist Church
    660 Main St. Montevallo, Al 35115
    Montevallo 離開 Birmingham 大約一小時
    如需要交通,請與 David Cheng 联絡 205-746-3002

2. May 2 2015 (Saturday)
    雪芝山浸信會中文堂  July 2015-June 2017 負責人選舉
    地點:CLC Dining Room  5:30 P.M.-8:30 P.M.
    節目: 聚餐,選舉及個人見证

3. 2015 美東南夏令會
   大會主題: 灵命與成長
   講員: 黃子嘉牧師
   時間: July-3-July 5- 2015
   地奌: Shocco Springs Conference Center
           1314 Shocco Springs Road,
            Talladega, Al 35160



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日期: 四月十八日(礼拜六)  11:00 A.M.-1:30P.M.

地奌:  Shades Mountain Baptist Church 足球場

涼亭 (The Pavilion)

2017 Columbiana Road, Birmingham, Al 35216



联絡人: 郑錦明 746-3002  黃书聪822-9142  陳月珠978-9757

Spring Break Mission Trip

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Spring Break Birmingham Local Mission Trip

March 28-30, 2015

What do we do on this trip?

There are people who live all around us that need the hope of Jesus Christ. Our team will partner with Urban Purpose and may also work with ministries like: Greater Shiloh, Christian Service Mission, and The Foundry. This trip allows students and families to pray for and love our

city. God has placed us in Birmingham—we have the opportunity to share Jesus here!

This is a great opportunity for those who want to know how they can serve people locally. We will be exposed to great local ministries that you can continue working with after this weekend!

Fast Facts:

  • This trip is for 7th
  • The cost of the trip is $75 and is due, at the latest, by Sunday, March 15. This cost includes:

-12th grade students AND is open to families.

- Meals for three days

- Mission Supplies

- Transportation

  • An updated medical release form is required for anyone who participates in this local mission project.
  • We will have one training meeting prior to the trip. The date is TBD and attendance is required.
  • This is not an overnight trip. The team will do ministry together during the day, and everyone will sleep in their own home each night.
  • The trip leader is Heather Bishop. For general questions and information you can contact Heather at or 205.823.7654 ext 543.